IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing

Volume 9 Issue 2 • March 2015

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Aims & Scope

The scope of the IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing (JSTSP) is the Field of Interest of the IEEE Signal Processing Society: “The theory and application of filtering, coding, transmitting, estimating, detecting, analyzing, recognizing, synthesizing, recording, and reproducing signals by digital or analog devices or techniques. The term “signal” includes audio, video, speech, image, communication, geophysical, sonar, radar, medical, musical, and other signals.”  The format of the journal allows the exploration, in depth, of a signal processing topic. This format allows the Society to not only provide issues on more mature signal processing topical areas, but also to explore new areas, particularly those at the nexus of other engineering disciplines that are dependent upon signal processing (e.g., biomedical engineering; language), as well as those not traditionally part of the engineering landscape (e.g., genetics; security; atmospheric prediction).

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