IBM Journal of Research and Development

Volume 58 Issue 2/3 • March-May 2014

Software Defined Environments
Cloud-computing platforms are becoming one of the preferred deployment platforms for both traditional applications and a new generation of mobile, social, and analytics applications. As the underlying environment becomes more software defined and programmable, applications will become progressively easier to develop, deploy, optimize, and manage. This special issue of the IBM Journal of Research and Development emphasizes the technologies for providing, optimizing, and making use of the software defined nature of cloud infrastructures and middleware throughout the entire platform stack.
Nontopical Papers
Three nontopical papers are included at the end of this issue. Topics include 1) topological constraints for E. F. Rent¿s work on microminiature packaging and circuitry; 2) an architecture that supports the transformation of unstructured and semi-structured content into RDF (Resource Description Framework) datasets; and 3) heterogeneous biological data integration with a declarative query language.

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