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Volume 11 Issue 4 • Winter 1992

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  • Health risks valuations based on public consent

    Publication Year: 1992, Page(s):7 - 16
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    Health risks for the public due to electric power generation are examined. The risk include those already known to exist due to air pollution and nuclear radiation and the newer potential risks of electromagnetic fields at power frequencies. It is shown that members of populations at risk are capable of making valuations of the worth to them of reduction of such risks. In soliciting their response... View full abstract»

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The following topics describe the scope of IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology (IEEE SSIT) and of IEEE Technology and Society Magazine : Health and safety implications of technology, Engineering ethics and professional responsibility, Engineering education in social implications of technology, History of electrotechnology, Technical expertise and public policy, Social issues related to energy, Social issues related to information technology, Social issues related to telecommunications, Systems analysis in public policy decisions, Economic issues related to technology, Peace technology, and Environmental implications of technology. Beyond these specific topics, IEEE Technology and Society Magazine  is concerned with the broad area of the social implications of technology, especially electrotechnology.

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