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OPAC Journals & Magazine Issues

Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing Newsletter, IEEE


Year/Volume/Issue No OPAC Link to Table of Contents
June 1983,Vol 62,Issue 1
Mar 1983,Vol 61,Issue 1
December 1982,Vol 60,Issue 1
September 1982,Vol 59,Issue 1
June 1982,Vol 58,Issue 1
March 1982,Vol 57,Issue 1
December 1981,Vol 56,Issue 1
September 1981,Vol 55,Issue 1
June 1981,Vol 54,Issue 1
March 1981,Vol 53,Issue 1
December 1980,Vol 52,Issue 1
September 1980,Vol 51,Issue 1
June 1980,Vol 50,Issue 1
Mar 1980,Vol 49,Issue 1
December 1979,Vol 48,Issue 1
September 1979,Vol 47,Issue 1
June 1979,Vol 46,Issue 1
Mar 1979,Vol 45,Issue 1
December 1978,Vol 44,Issue 1
September 1978,Vol 43,Issue 1
June 1978,Vol 42,Issue 1
Mar 1978,Vol 41,Issue 1
August 1977,Vol 40,Issue 1
April 1977,Vol 39,Issue 1
December 1976,Vol 38,Issue 1
September 1976,Vol 37,Issue 1
June 1976,Vol 36,Issue 1
November 1975,Vol 35,Issue 1
August 1975,Vol 34,Issue 1
May 1975,Vol 33,Issue 1
Feb 1975,Vol 32,Issue 1
November 1974,Vol 31,Issue 1
August 1974,Vol 30,Issue 1
May 1974,Vol 29,Issue 1
Feb 1974,Vol 28,Issue 1