IEE Proceedings - Nanobiotechnology

Issue 6 • Dec. 2006

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Aims & Scope

Published from 2003-2006, IEE Proceedings - Nanobiotechnology covered all aspects of research and emerging nanobiological technologies including: fundamental theories and concepts applied to biomedical-related devices and methods at the micro- and nano-scale; micromachining and microfabrication tools and techniques applied to the top-down approach to nanobiotechnology; nanomachining and nanofabrication tools and techniques directed towards biomedical and biotechnological applications; colloid chemistry applied to nanobiotechnology; microtechnologies such as Lab-on-Chip applied to pharmaceutical, biomedical and biotechnological applications; techniques for probing cell physiology, cell adhesion sites and cell-cell communication; molecular self-assembly; and societal issues.

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