Architectural Electromagnetic Shielding Handbook:A Design and Specification Guide

Cover Image Copyright Year: 1992
Author(s): Leland H. Hemming
Book Type: Wiley-IEEE Press
Content Type : Books
Topics: Fields, Waves & Electromagnetics
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The first volume ever to cover all aspects of the subject, Architectural Electromagnetic Shielding Handbook provides the practicing architect/engineer with a comprehensive guide to electromagnetic shielding. This practical handbook is a one-stop source for every form of shielding enclosure now used in commercial and government test laboratories, communication and computer centers, and electromagnetic hardened facilities designed to prevent electromagnetic interference (EMI) from reaching either a sensitive piece of equipment or an unauthorized agency.

Additional features include:

  • extensive supporting information on penetrations such as doors, vents, piping, and electromagnetic filters for each type of shielding
  • complete descriptions of modular, welded, and architectural forms of shielding as well as design checklists for shielded enclosure installation
  • detailed descriptions of performance specifications and methods of testing necessary to prove performan e
Now you can have practical design and manufacturing techniques for solving ESD problems associated with sophisticated equipment used in a home or office environment. This book takes the mystery out of ESD by showing how it is generated and how it affects electronic devices, such as integrated circuits. It provides practical guidelines and the rationale on how ESD solutions can work for you.