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Designing and Evaluating Mobile Interaction:Challenges and Trends

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Mobile devices are rapidly taking over the digital and interactive world. Their role within our lives is growing in diversity and importance. As their importance within society continues to grow, features, functionalities and usage opportunities accompany such growth, turning mobile devices into essential tools. As mobile interactive technology assumes this role, issues of usability and interaction become paramount. Consequently, mobile usability evaluation needs to re-invent itself to keep pace with this new phenomenon. Designing and Evaluating Mobile Interaction: Challenges and Trends reviews the current approaches and recent advances in the design and evaluation of mobile interaction and mobile user interfaces. In particular, it focuses on the two stages that present the biggest challenges, but are also the most important for the design and validation of mobile interaction, namely the prototyping and evaluation stages. It presents an overview of the current state-of-the-art, addres ing recent and emerging work on these two stages of the design process. Designing and Evaluating Mobile Interaction: Challenges and Trends is an invaluable reference for developers, engineers, designers and researchers with an interest in mobile usability and interaction. It addresses the challenges, the most significant results and the upcoming research directions.