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Trust on the World Wide Web:A Survey

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The success of the Web is based largely on its open, decentralized nature; at the same time, that allows for a wide range of perspectives and intentions. Trust is required to foster successful interactions and to filter the abundance of information. Trust on the World Wide Web: A Survey is a comprehensive survey of trust on the Web in all its contexts. Three main targets of trust are identified: trust in content, like webpages; datal trust in services, like peer-to-peer systems; and trust in people, originating in web-based social networks. Trust on the World Wide Web: A Survey also reviews applications that rely on trust and address how they utilize trust to improve functionality and interface. Trust on the World Wide Web: A Survey is an ideal reference for anyone with an interest in trust within the context of the Web. It examines how the Web breeds interaction between a variety of entities - people, services, and content. It asserts that trust is a critical component for these inte actions, and as the science of the web progresses, so too must the understanding of trust in a Web environment.