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Information Systems Success Measurement

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Information Systems Success Measurement presents a comprehensive review of the foundations, the trends, and the future challenges of IS success measurement in order to improve research and practice in terms of the measurement and evaluation of information systems. Information Systems Success Measurement explores the foundations and trends in the definition and measurement of information systems success. Starting with an introduction that examines how the concept of ¿¿¿effective¿¿¿ or ¿¿¿successful¿¿¿ information systems has progressed as information technology and its use has changed over the past 60 years. The authors introduce the DeLone and McLean Information Systems Success Model as an organizing framework for this monograph. Section 2 identifies five eras of information systems and for each of these eras the authors consider the types of information systems used in firms, the stakeholders impacted by these systems, the relevant research about information systems evaluation, and the measu ement of IS success in practice during each of these periods. Section 3 discusses the foundational research on IS success measurement. Based on the evolution of the field¿¿¿s understanding of IS success, important trends in IS success measurement is highlighted in Section 4. Section 5 examines the future of IS success research. Section 6 reviews empirical findings related to success factors, which influence IS success. Section 7 explores how managers can improve the methods they use to measure and track IS success. Finally, the authors offer concluding remarks in Section 8.