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A Clean Slate Approach to Secure Wireless Networking

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The current state-of-art in securing computers and data is tantamount to an arms race between the attackers on one hand and the software developers who have to provide the updates to counteract the attacks on the other. This monograph introduces a novel technique for designing secure protocols with provable security guarantees for wireless ad-hoc networks infiltrated with adversarial nodes. It does this by developing a system-theoretical approach to secure protocol design that provides provable and comprehensive security guarantees, where any features of a protocol that reduce complexity or maximize the network throughput do not come at the expense of security. The desired approach is one of security first and performance second, which is the reverse of the current approach. This novel approach uses a game-theoretic framework that addresses the deficiencies in the defense-in-depth approach to securing complex systems. A Clean Slate Approach to Secure Wireless Networking describes in d tail the theory of using this approach in both closed synchronized and unsynchronized networks. It will be of interest to all researchers and designers working on securing wireless networks.