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The Trustworthy and Trusted Web

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The existence of large information and communication technology (ICT) structures, such as the Internet and the Web, and their impact on our everyday lives is an unquestionable fact of modern life. Trust and trustworthiness of such systems is often taken for granted, and accepted as a solution to all the ills of our society, duly replicated on the Web. However, there is no agreement on how to develop trustworthy systems. There is even no agreement on what 'trustworthy Web' may actually mean. The Trustworthy and Trusted Web is a thorough investigation of the complex question of trustworthy ICT. It analyses this concept from the dual perspectives of the technical architecture and the sociological angle of the creation of social reality. It addresses conditions to discuss trustworthiness of ICT, discussing whether a single notion of trustworthiness can be agreed upon and whether it will generate useful design criteria for trustworthy ICT. Against the background defined by theories of so ial systems, The Trustworthy and Trusted Web reveals the structure behind conflicts and misunderstandings of our modern perception of the trustworthiness of ICT. It proposes a systemic approach that should bring trustworthy ICT, trustworthy Web and trustworthy Semantic Web closer to everyday reality. The Trustworthy and Trusted Web is an excellent book for anyone who is interested in learning about, analysing, designing or implementing trustworthy IC, and specifically trustworthy Web. It is comprehensive and informative in analysing the current situation while being prescriptive and visionary in proposed solutions.