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E-business Value Creation from a Resource-Based Perspective:A Review of the Last Decade of Empirical Research

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E-business Value Creation from a Resource-Based Perspective analyzes and integrates various perspectives on the impact of e-business technologies on supply chain practices and performances. Relying on the resource-based view (RBV) of the firm, the authors designed a comprehensive conceptual framework within which to examine the performance implications of e business technologies. This framework can be used to compare e-business technologies to other types of information technology (IT), and it can also function as a tool for further investigations into supply chain management (SCM) relationships. After a brief introduction, a review of RBV will formulate the main theoretical grounding for this work. Next, an RBV-based integrative model of e-business value is presented that provides a basis for structuring a review of accumulated knowledge, for identifying gaps in the knowledge, and for developing propositions to guide future research. The fourth section describes the methodology, expl ining how papers were selected for the review. The results can be found in the fifth section, including the analyses of the variables, the underlying theoretical perspectives, and the literature synthesis. In the sixth section, the authors discuss and highlight the main theoretical issues related to the results. The monograph concludes with a discussion of the limitations of the research and suggests avenues for future research.