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Ubiquitous Computing for Capture and Access

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The history of capturing and accessing records of human experience is long and filled with varied motivations, technological innovations, and social and political phenomena. As recording technologies become more powerful and ubiquitous, the research designs of the past have become everyday realities even while new research areas have been opened. Ubiquitous Computing for Capture and Access overviews the history of documentation and recording, leading broadly from primitive tools into the current age of ubiquitous computing and automatic or semi-automatic recording technologies. It presents historical visions motivating much of the early computing research in this area and goes on to outline the key problems that have been explored in the last three decades. It concludes by charting future research directions and potential new focus areas in this space. Ubiquitous Computing for Capture and Access serves as both a review of what has already been accomplished in this area and a jumping o f point for the capture and access research of the future