Automated Defect Prevention:Best Practices in Software Management

Cover Image Copyright Year: 2007
Author(s): Dorota Huizinga; Adam Kolawa
Book Type: Wiley-IEEE Press
Content Type : Books
Topics: Computing & Processing
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Improve Productivity by Integrating Automation and Defect Prevention into Your Software Development Process

This book presents an approach to software management based on a new methodology called Automated Defect Prevention (ADP). The authors describe how to establish an infrastructure that functions as a software "production line" that automates repetitive tasks, organizes project activities, tracks project status, seamlessly collects project data, and sustains and facilitates the improvement of human-defined processes. Well-grounded in software engineering research and in industry best practices, this book helps organizations gain dramatic improvement in both product quality and operational effectiveness.

Ideal for industry professionals and project managers, as well as upper-level undergraduates and graduate-level students in software engineering, Automated Defect Prevention is complete with figures that illustrate how to structure projects and contains real-world exampl s, developers' testimonies, and tips on how to implement defect prevention strategies across a project group.