Matching Phase

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This chapter contains section titled: 5.1 Structural Matching, Definition 5.1 Function Signature Match, Definition 5.2 Pre/Post-Specification Match, Definition 5.3 Predicate Specification Match, Definition 5.4 Generalized Module Match, Definition 5.5 Contra/Covariance Signature Subtyping, Definition 5.6 Similarity Matching of WSDL Type Trees, Definition 5.7 Algorithm for Calculating Structural Overlap between WSDL Specifications, Definition 5.8 Similarity of Operations, Definition 5.9 Algorithm for Matching Output Message Types, Definition 5.10 Algorithm for Calculating Matrix_Maxima_Sum(M), 5.2 Semantic Matching, Definition 5.11 Shortest Path Algorithm, 5.3 Metamodel-Driven Matching