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Proceedings of the IEEE is the leading journal to provide in-depth review, survey, and tutorial coverage of the technical developments in electronics, electrical and computer engineering, and computer science. Consistently ranked as one of the top journals by Impact Factor, Article Influence Score and more, the journal serves as a trusted resource for engineers around the world.

The Proceedings publishes approximately ten Special Issues and two regular paper issues per year.


  • Special Issues are led by distinguished Guest Editor teams and contain articles, typically surveys, reviews or tutorials, from leading experts in the technology area being covered. They serve as a guide to the state-of-the-art and are highly valued by the core research community, as well as specialists in other areas, looking to quickly come up to speed on the latest and more promising advances in areas outside of their own expertise.
  • Regular Issues consist of three to four papers on more focused topics, giving readers background and insight into emerging areas.


Papers published in the Proceedings are usually reviews, surveys, or tutorials.


  • Reviews critically examine a technology, tracing its progress from its inception to the present—and perhaps into the future.
  • Surveys comprehensively view a technology—its applications, issues, ramifications, and potential.
  • Tutorial papers explain a technology and may give practical information for implementing it. These papers are written for the purpose of informing non-specialist engineers about a particular technology.

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  • Engineering Profession
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H. Joel Trussell
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

North Carolina State University


Editorial Board

Tulay Adali

Moeness Amin

Ronald Arkin

Silvio Barbin

Sankar Basu

Jon Atli Benediktsson 

Claudio Canizares

Kun-Shan Chen 

Diane Cook

James Duncan

Yuguang (Michael) Fang

Maya Gokhale

Nan Marie Jokerst

Takeo Kanade 

Insup Lee 

James Lyke

Jianguo Ma

Kofi Makinwa

Nelson Martins

Michal Mrozowski

Arokia Nathan 

Lynne Parker 

H. Vincent Poor

Marian Pospieszalski

Anders Rantzer

Catherine Rosenberg

Robert Schober

Gianluca Setti

Roberto Sorrentino

Ioannis Stavrakakis 

A. Murat Tekalp 

Rod Tucker

C. K. Clive Tzuang

Jan Van der Spiegel 

Andreas Weisshaar

Sally Wood 

Hoi-Jun Yoo

C. Patrick Yue

Lixia Zhang 


Managing Editor
Vaishali Damle
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H. Joel Trussell
North Carolina State University