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  • 1. Application engineering for improved electronic reliability in guided missiles

    Publication Year: 1952 , Page(s): 41 - 58
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    The subject of reliability has been receiving increased attention from electronic engineers recently, and a number of highly beneficial symposia have been conducted. The difficult problem of combining electronic complexity with high reliability unfortunately has been avoided for the greater part of its history by the electronics profession. Today, however, many tasks capable of solution only by complex electronics face us, and the reliability problem is coming closer to the top of our priority list. The application of electronics to guided missiles has been one of the earlier tasks that has supported significant effort for improved reliability. Since 1945 the author has been indulging himself with various attempts at reliable electronic equipment for missile application, and it is believed that a number of factors and considerations uncovered during this period can be classified as “Application Engineering for Improved Reliability”, and offered to the profession for whatever benefit may result. Obviously, within the confines of a single paper, there is little room for just a bit of philosophy, perhaps an anecdote, those unavoidable personal prejudices, and far too little of the detailed treatment that the subject deserves. If this paper serves to stimulate its audience to serious thought, or to debate, or to calling attention to its omissions and oversights, then its purpose will have been served. View full abstract»

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This Transactions ceased production in 1954. The current retitled publication is IEEE Transactions on Reliability.

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