IBM Journal of Research and Development

Issue 5/6 • Sept.-Nov. 2016

Food Safety, Security, and Defense

Food plays a crucial role in our lives, and this role is affected by food quality, availability, production, transport, and commerce. Moreover, our increased reliance on global supply chains has led to a variety of challenges for food safety, security, and defense. The complexities associated with food and water systems are growing and require innovative technical approaches crossing disciplines, industries, and agencies. This issue of the IBM Journal of Research and Development emphasizes solutions, models, analytics, and other technologies that form important building blocks for improving food and water safety, security, and defense. Topics span areas including genetics, microbiology, epidemiology, crop production, and traceability in the food supply chain.

Nontopical Paper

At the end of this issue is a nontopical paper concerning predictive models in B2B (business-to-business) recommender systems.

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Rachel D'Annucci Henriquez
IBM T. J. Watson Research Center