IBM Journal of Research and Development

Issue 2-3 • March-May 2016

Managed Cloud Services
Managed cloud services bring together expertise and automation to manage end-users' compute, storage, and network resources, along with runtime components, operating systems, middleware, and the distributed application stack. The managed cloud allows flexibility of choice of service providers for different cloud functions, resulting in complex networks of providers and consumers. Example candidates for managed cloud environments include critical enterprise workloads as well as managed cloud infrastructures for web, mobile, analytics, and social applications. This issue of the IBM Journal of Research and Development presents a variety of topics related to the development of managed cloud services.
Nontopical Papers
Three nontopical papers are included at the end of this issue, covering the topics of 1) services analytics for IT service management, 2) workload acceleration with the IBM POWER vector-scalar architecture, and 3) middleware for events, transactions, and analytics.

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