IEEE Transactions on Multi-Scale Computing Systems

Issue 2 • April-June 1 2015

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Aims & Scope

The IEEE Transactions on Multi-Scale Computing Systems (TMSCS) is a peer-reviewed publication devoted to computing systems that exploit multi-scale and multi-functionality. These systems consist of computational modules that utilize diverse implementation scales (from micro down to the nano scale) and heterogeneous hardware and software functionalities; moreover, these modules can be based on operating principles and models that are valid within but not necessarily across their respective scales and computational domains. Contributions to TMSCS must address computation of information and data at higher system-levels for processing by digital and emerging domains. These computing systems can also rely on diverse frameworks based on paradigms at molecular, quantum and other physical, chemical and biological levels. Innovative techniques such as inexact computing, management/optimization of smart infrastructures and neuromorphic modules are also considered within scope.

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