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Electron Devices Society, IEEE Journal of the This IEEE Publication is an Open Access only journal. Open Access provides unrestricted online access to peer-reviewed journal articles.

Issue 3 • Date March 2013

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  • Semiconductor Logic Technology Innovation to Achieve Sub-10 nm Manufacturing

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    Moore's Law represents the cumulative effort by many participants to advance the productivity of electronic systems over the last 40+ years, resulting in enormous strides in the capability and ubiquity of electronics. This paper identifies the innovation challenges the semiconductor industry must overcome in order to propel the advance of semiconductor technology to the cadence of Moore's Law. Key examples will highlight the solutions needed to enable advanced transistor and nano-scale interconnect fabrication. Solutions for tomorrow's low voltage, low power process technologies will introduce new materials, unprecedented levels of interface control and new energy sources while at the same time addressing the increasing cost and complexity needed to sustain Moore's Law well into the future. View full abstract»

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  • Sensing Microwave-Terahertz Detectors Based on Metal-Semiconductor-Metal Structures With Symmetrical I–V Characteristic

    Page(s): 76 - 82
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    We discuss the characteristics of new sensing elements based on a symmetrical metal-semiconductor-metal structure, which are designed for detection of microwave-terahertz signals. The schemes of connection of the sensing elements in the high-frequency path and the low-frequency measuring circuit are considered. Expressions for the volt-watt sensitivity and the noise-equivalent power are obtained. Comparison of the obtained characteristics with those of the detector zero-bias Schottky (Mott)-barrier diode is carried out. It is shown that the characteristics of the symmetrical sensing elements are comparable with or exceed in some cases similar characteristics of the detector zero-bias diodes. View full abstract»

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  • Constriction Resistance and Current Crowding in Vertical Thin Film Contact

    Page(s): 83 - 90
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    The constriction resistance and the current flow pattern are calculated analytically in a vertical thin film contact in which the thin film base is an equipotential surface. Both Cartesian and cylindrical thin film contacts are studied. The resistivities and the geometric dimensions in the individual contact members may assume arbitrary values. General scaling laws are constructed for the constriction resistance for arbitrary resistivity ratios and geometric aspect ratios. The analytic solutions are validated using a simulation code. Current crowding at the edges is displayed. In the limit of small film thickness, we show that current crowding in the vertical contact is far less serious than the current crowding in the horizontal contact. The data show that the normalized constriction resistance depends predominantly on the geometry of the thin film, but is relatively insensitive to the height and to the resistivity of the member with which the thin film is in contact. View full abstract»

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The IEEE Journal of the Electron Devices Society (J-EDS) is an open access, fully electronic scientific journal publishing papers ranging from fundamental to applied research that are scientifically rigorous and relevant to electron devices.

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