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Early Access articles are new content made available in advance of the final electronic or print versions and result from IEEE's Preprint or Rapid Post processes. Preprint articles are peer-reviewed but not fully edited. Rapid Post articles are peer-reviewed and edited but not paginated. Both these types of Early Access articles are fully citable from the moment they appear in IEEE Xplore.

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  • Model-Based Verification of Security and Non-Functional Behavior using AADL

    Publication Year: 2016, Page(s): 1
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    Modeling of system quality attributes, including security, is often done with low fidelity software models and disjointed architectural specifications by various engineers using their own specialized notations. These models are typically not maintained or documented throughout the life cycle and make it difficult to obtain a system view. However, a single-source architecture model of the system th... View full abstract»

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The primary objective of IEEE Security & Privacy is to stimulate and track advances in information assurance and security and present these advances in a form that can be useful to a broad cross-section of the professional community-ranging from academic researchers to industry practitioners. It is intended to serve a broad readership.

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