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Intelligent Transportation Systems, IEEE Transactions on

Issue 2 • Date April 2007

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Aims & Scope

The IEEE Transactions on ITS is concerned with the design, analysis, and control of information technology as it is applied to transportation systems. The IEEE ITS Transactions is focused on the numerous technical aspects of ITS technologies spanned by the IEEE. Transportation systems are invariably complex, and their complexity arises from many sources. Transportation systems can involve humans, vehicles, shipments, information technology, and the physical infrastructure, all interacting in complex ways. Many aspects of transportation systems are uncertain, dynamic and nonlinear, and such systems may be highly sensitive to perturbations. Controls can involve multiple agents that (and/or who) are distributed and hierarchical. Humans who invariably play critical roles in a transportation system have a diversity of objectives and a wide range of skills and education. Transportation systems are usually large-scale in nature and are invariably geographically distributed.

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Fei-Yue Wang
University of Arizona