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Issue 7 • Date July 2006

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  • Integrating Security Policies via Container Portable Interceptors

    Publication Year: 2006 , Page(s): 1
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    Enforcing appropriate security policies in distributed, component-based applications is difficult. A generic framework to define and evaluate security policies is necessary, and that framework must be integrated with the middleware platform. The middleware must provide the necessary hooks to intercept calls and obtain the information required for security enforcement. We designed and developed a s... View full abstract»

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  • Toward Formal-Methods Oecumenism?

    Publication Year: 2006 , Page(s): 2
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  • Teaching Grid Computing in North Carolina: Part II

    Publication Year: 2006 , Page(s): 3
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    North Carolina students studied grid computing in a course taught across multiple universities in fall 2004 and fall 2005. This department describes the student assignments and the instructors’ general experiences in offering the course. The first part of this article appears in IEEE Distributed Systems Online's June 2006 Education department. View full abstract»

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  • Global Information Health Networks Get a Boost

    Publication Year: 2006 , Page(s): 4
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  • Open Source Web Software for Windows Users

    Publication Year: 2006 , Page(s): 5
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