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Issue 6 • Date June 2006

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  • A Modular Access Control Service for Supporting Application-Specific Policies

    Publication Year: 2006 , Page(s): 1
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    Aspect-oriented software development techniques can help modularize the enforcement of application-specific access control policies. Middleware platforms must cater to a variety of applications. The access control services integrated in these platforms support only access control policies with limited expressiveness and typically enforce only an invocation access policy. Enforcing such a policy on... View full abstract»

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  • Grid Computing: A Critical Discussion on Business Applicability

    Publication Year: 2006 , Page(s): 2
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    In this article, the author analyzes the roots of grid computing, revises its goals and characteristics, and presents a critical discussion of grid technologies. In addition, the author gives his view on where the grid is positioned within computer science and to a lesser extent in industry. The main aim is to review the grid's current state and if it is applicable in a business environment. These... View full abstract»

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  • Teaching Grid Computing in North Carolina: Part I

    Publication Year: 2006 , Page(s): 3
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    North Carolina students are learning and applying grid computing techniques in the first undergraduate-level grid computing course with numerous geographically distributed participating sites. This course, which was classroom-tested in 2004 and 2005, includes state-of-the-art presentations from internationally known guest speakers. The second part of this article appears in IEEE Distributed System... View full abstract»

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  • Functionality Meets Terminology to Address Network Security Vulnerabilities

    Publication Year: 2006 , Page(s): 4
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  • Book Review: Practical Intrusion Prevention

    Publication Year: 2006 , Page(s): 5
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  • Book Review: A Useful but Inadequate Introduction to Web Services

    Publication Year: 2006 , Page(s): 6
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