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Applied Superconductivity, IEEE Transactions on

Issue 3 • Date June 2015

  • Design, Assembly, and Commissioning of a Cryogenic DC Current Transformer Designed for Measuring Currents of up to 80 kA

    Article#: 9500106
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    A new cryogenic dc current transformer (CryoDCCT) has recently been designed and assembled at CERN. The device, whose design is based on that of a high-accuracy 600 A market solution suitable for room temperature applications, is optimized for measuring currents of up to 80 kA and for operation at 4.2 K. The CryoDCCT has been conceived with the objective of preserving the metrological performance of the original commercial device in the new extended range of operation. For reducing the effect of interfering magnetic fields arising from test conditions, it incorporates ferromagnetic and $hbox{MgB}_{2}$ superconducting shields. In this paper, the design of the CryoDCCT and the results of the commissioning of the device at CERN are reported. The effectiveness of the current transducer is analysed and discussed. This new device will be used for measuring the secondary current of a 80 kA superconducting transformer feeding a sample of $hbox{NbSn}_{3}$ cable at the Facility for Research on Superconducting Cables (FRESCA) at CERN. View full abstract»

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