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IEEE Standard Real-Time BASIC for CAMAC

  • IEEE Standard Real-Time BASIC for CAMAC

    Publication Year: 1982
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    Real-time BASIC for CAMAC is ANSI standard real-time BASIC in which the declarations and real-time statements are defined for use with CAMAC hardware. The ANSI standard defines process declarations and process input-output in a general way, independently of any particular interface hardware. Specific parts of the syntax and semantics of the language are left 'implementation defined' so that an implementation for a particular hardware system can define these areas in the most appropriate way. The purpose of this standard is to provide a standard for reference, to achieve maximum compatibility between different implementations of ANSI BASIC for use with CAMAC. The language is defined by formal syntax definitions and symbols. An explanation of these definitions and symbols is given in the Appendix.<> View full abstract»

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