Acoustic Array Systems:Theory, Implementation, and Application

Cover Image Copyright Year: 2013
Author(s): Mingsian R. Bai; Jeong-Guon Ih; Jacob Benesty
Book Type: Wiley-IEEE Press
Content Type : Books & eBooks
Topics: Communication, Networking & Broadcasting ;  Components, Circuits, Devices & Systems ;  Computing & Processing ;  Signal Processing & Analysis
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Previously, microphone arrays were used extensively used in beam-forming and estimation of source direction in speech enhancement problems. In Acoustic Array Systems: Theory, Implementation, and Application, the authors cover two other relatively less addressed problems: noise source identification and sound field visualization.  Specifically, using these techniques, one is able to locate and even quantify noise sources.  In addition, sound field distribution can be “visualized” by calculating the acoustical variables: pressure, particle velocity, and sound intensity. With comprehensive treatment of microphone arrays, the book covers an introduction to the theory, far-field and near-field array signal processing algorithms, practical implementations, and common applications, such as vehicles, computing and communications equipment, compressors, fans, and household appliances. The authors conclude with other emerging techniques and innovative algorithms.

This book is ideal for postgraduates and researchers in acoustics, noise control engineering, audio engineering, and signal processing. It will also be helpful to practicing engineers in automotive, information, telecommunications, consumer electronics, cloud computing, and aerospace industries.

  • Encompasses theory, implementation considerations and application know-how
  • Provides theoretical background necessary for acoustic array systems
  • Covers both farfield and nearfield techniques in a balanced way
  • Introduces innovative algorithms including equivalent source imaging (NESI) and high-resolution nearfield arrays
  • Selected code examples available for download for readers to practice on their own
  • Presentation slides available for instructor use