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Algorithms and Protocols for Wireless, Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Cover Image Copyright Year: 2009
Author(s): Azzedine Boukerche
Publisher: Wiley-IEEE Press
Content Type : Books & eBooks
Topics: Communication, Networking & Broadcasting
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Learn the fundamental algorithms and protocols for wireless and mobile ad hoc networks Advances in wireless networking and mobile communication technologies, coupled with the proliferation of portable computers, have led to development efforts for wireless and mobile ad hoc networks. This book focuses on several aspects of wireless ad hoc networks, particularly algorithmic methods and distributed computing with mobility and computation capabilities. It covers everything readers need to build a foundation for the design of future mobile ad hoc networks:
Establishing an efficient communication infrastructure
Robustness control for network-wide broadcast
The taxonomy of routing algorithms
Adaptive backbone multicast routing
The effect of inference on routing
Routing protocols in intermittently connected mobile ad hoc networks and delay tolerant networks
Transport layer protocols
ACK-thinning techniques for TCP in MANETs
Power control protocols
Power saving in solar powered WLAN mesh networks
Reputation and trust-based systems
Vehicular ad hoc networks
Cluster interconnection in 802.15.4 beacon enabled networks The book is complemented with a set of exercises that challenge readers to test their understanding of the material. Algorithms and Protocols for Wireless and Mobile Ad Hoc Networks is appropriate as a self-study guide for electrical engineers, computer engineers, network engineers, and computer science specialists. It also serves as a valuable supplemental textbook in computer science, electrical engineering, and network engineering courses at the advanced undergraduate and graduate levels.