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Security Management of Next Generation Telecommunications Networks and Services

Cover Image Copyright Year: 2014
Author(s): Stuart Jacobs
Publisher: Wiley-IEEE Press
Content Type : Books & eBooks
Topics: Communication, Networking & Broadcasting ;  Computing & Processing
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An authoritative guide for improving the security of enterprise and service provider networks everywhereUnlike traditional enterprise networks, where users connect to IT resources within an organization's demilitarized zone (DMZ), next generation networks (NGN) serve users logging onto virtualized resources from a diverse array of devices and locations. Clearly, NGNs require an integrated approach to the management of security rather than unmanageable and non-integrated add-on solutions.In contrast to most books on the subject, which limit coverage of security management to discussions of SNMP authentication and confidentiality mechanisms, this book considers it a governance issue that needs to follow the "Plan, Do, Check, and Act" approach pioneered by W. Edwards Deming. Following an account of the evolution of standardized network management concepts over the last twenty years, author Stuart Jacobs:
Analyzes existing security standards and management frameworks of NGNs
Reviews authentication, authorization, confidentiality, integrity, non-repudiation, vulnerabilities, threats, risk management, and other key security concepts
Details effective approaches to encryption and associated credentials management/control
Considers secure interoperability between telecommunications service provider management systems and between service providers over security domain boundaries
Highlights the critical need for well-organized information security policies, security structures, and approaches for clearly defining security requirements and security procedures
Presents an integrated security management framework that expands on TMN and eTOM security functional areas
Provides in-depth coverage of operations security (OPSEC)—t he area in which the "Act" and "Check" aspects are most fully realizedSecurity Management of Next Generation Telecommunications Networks and Services is a valuable resource for telecommunications and IT professionals, as well as enterprise systems engineers/architects.