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Advanced Quantum Communications:An Engineering Approach

Cover Image Copyright Year: 2013
Author(s): Sandor Imre; Laszlo Gyongyosi
Publisher: Wiley-IEEE Press
Content Type : Books & eBooks
Topics: Communication, Networking & Broadcasting ;  Components, Circuits, Devices & Systems ;  Computing & Processing
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"Whilst classic communications solutions are gradually inching closer to capacity, a new horizon is opened by this exquisite amalgam of fundamental physics and engineering—an essential read for the radical researcher."—Prof. Lajos Hanzo, Fellow of the IEEE and IET, University of Southampton, UKAn overview of the most advanced quantum communication techniques, helping readers study and understand the properties of quantum channelsQuantum communication systems exploit the quantum nature of information, offering new possibilities and limitations for engineers when designing protocols. In the near future, advanced quantum communication and networking technologies driven by quantum information processing will revolutionize traditional methods.Advanced Quantum Communications explains quantum communication theory from an engineering viewpoint, including advanced quantum communication schemes, and provides an overview of these systems' security. It presents the fundamental theoretical results of quantum Shannon theory, along with details of advanced quantum communication protocols, with a clear mathematical and theoretical background.The book:
Explains the future's advanced quantum communication schemes
Offers a concise and up-to-date introduction to quantum channels, quantum networking, and secret quantum communication techniques
Explains why today's encrypted information will no longer be secure after the first quantum computers become available
Includes basic mathematical tools and heavily illustrated descriptions with more than 260 figures
Includes further reading sections with complete historical backgroundFor students, engineers, and experts, Advanced Quantum Communications is an ideal guide to the communication channels and methods of the Quantum Age.