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    Engineers Engaging Community:Water and Energy

    Oldham, C. ; Crebbin, G. ; Dobbs, S. ; Gaynor, A.
    DOI: 10.2200/S00477ED1V01Y201302ETS019
    Copyright Year: 2013

    Morgan and Claypool eBooks

    Water and energy are fundamental elements of community well-being and economic development, and a key focus of engineering efforts the world over. As such, they offer outstanding opportunities for the development of socially just engineering practices. This work examines the engineering of water and energy systems with a focus on issues of social justice and sustainability. A key theme running through the work is engaging community on water and energy engineering projects: How is this achieved in diverse contexts? And, what can we learn from past failures and successes in water and energy engineering? The book includes a detailed case study of issues involved in the provision of water and energy, among other needs, in a developing and newly independent nation, East Timor. View full abstract»

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