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    Energy, Incandescent Lighting, and 100 Years

    Chen, Kao ; Murray, William A.
    Industry Applications, IEEE Transactions on

    Volume: IA-16 , Issue: 3
    DOI: 10.1109/TIA.1980.4503804
    Publication Year: 1980 , Page(s): 413 - 419
    Cited by:  Papers (3)

    IEEE Journals & Magazines

    1979 was the centennial year of light. 100 years ago Edison invented the first practical incandescent lamp. Since then the lamp industry has taken giant steps in developing and perfecting more efficient and diverse light sources. However, the incandescent light source 100 years after its invention continues to keep pace with the industry, providing the backbone to the lighting industry. The history of incandescent lamp development, many diversified applications of incandescent lighting, simple schemes to achieve energy savings, and the latest developments in incandescent light sources are discussed. In a myriad of applications, it is most unlikely to be replaced with any other source. View full abstract»

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