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About IEEE Xplore Mobile

IEEE Xplore Mobile lets you search and view IEEE Xplore research directly from your mobile device. You can search valuable journals and magazines, conference proceedings and standards, and view all search results.

You can also refine your search using multiple facets for more targeted results. Scroll to the bottom of the search results page to view the selections. Access to full-text documents is based on your subscription terms.

You can log in with your IEEE Xplore account by switching to the full site with a mobile device with PDF viewing capability. Log in with a user name or using WiFi or VPN access through an authenticated IP. If this is not available, email the link to the article abstract to yourself for later viewing on a desktop computer.

System Settings

IEEE Xplore Mobile is viewable on all web-enabled mobile devices; however, it has been optimized for mobile devices with screen sizes 320x240pixels and above.

You may need to make the following changes to your settings to enhance your viewing experience:

1) If you have a choice between browsers, use the "Internet Browser"

2) Enable all of the following options applicable to your device:

3) Some users will be able to access full-text PDF documents using a WiFi-enabled mobile device. To view PDF documents, sign in to the WiFi at any institution with an active IP authenticated subscription. Some PDF files may be too large to view on mobile devices.

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