Understanding Author Search

As of March 2013, author’s names in IEEE Xplore have been disambiguated making it easier to find articles written by an author under multiple formats of their name.

The normalized format of the author name will be shown next to each article on the search results and table of contents pages as well as on the abstract pages. The normalized version of the author name is a combination of Last Name (or Surname) and First Initial (for example: Smith, K.).


The left side refinements (or "Filter These Results") sections of the search results and table of contents pages include the display name which is a a combination of the longest first name, last name and middle name available for each author (for example: Jones, Michael James).


Although the normalized name format is shown for each article in the search results, articles for all variations of the name (Jones, M.; Jones, Mike; Jones, M. J.; etc.) are retrieved and combined into a single display name.


Note: All variations of the author name are captured and associated with a unique author record. When conducting an author search, a search using any variation of the author name on record will retrieve all articles associated with that author - combined into a common author name (displayed in normalized format).


The IEEE Xplore database associates variations of authors’ names with a unique author record such as:

Upon clicking on an author’s name from the search results (or from the abstract or table of contents pages), only exact matches for articles containing that particular author identity record will be retrieved. There may be exceptions where a particular author has multiple identity records which have not yet been disambiguated; in this case, when the search results are returned by clicking on that author name, all of the identity records may not be captured. If this is the case, you can enter a search for the author by entering the first name and last name into the author search to ensure full recall.

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